Monday, March 2, 2009

writer's block

I have nothing to say-nothing at all. I must be pretty boring. Nothing especially exciting has gone on lately. Right now I am pretty much writing just to take my mind off of the brownies that are sitting in my kitchen. I have been inspired by Heather to cut the carbs. She looks great, and I am over due to feel good about my appearance. I am one day down-which is a huge thing for me because I have horrible self control. So, here is a list of random things that will help me take my mind off of the brownies and the Dove chocolate bar laying on the counter taunting me:

1. I am drinking a glass of skim milk, and must say, it is a poor substitute.
2. I am not wearing pants right now.
3. My husband is funny.
4. I just read a great book called Love is a Wild Assault; didn't think I would like it, but it was fantastic
5. I almost sent Heather a text that said "Feeling a little Pig Headed today?"
6. I really need to mop the floor
7. I need to call Toni and Misty in the worst way
8. I can't believe that we only have about 12 weeks of school left
9. I am a shameful grader-my kids must hate me for that
10. I rock at being able to spot kids chewing gum
11. Two of our youth came over to hang out last night and it was awesome-they are so cool; I want to be friends with them forever, and I secretly hope they get married even though they are only sophomores in high school
12. I want to buy all new underwear from Soma; I wish they would sponsor me
13. I hope when we grow up, our family is as cool as the Suescun's.
14. Sometimes I am so full of excitement, joy, etc. that I must do a little jump.
15. I got some new flip flops on Saturday because while we were out shopping my stomach started hurting and I am convinced that it was because my feet were hot.

Okay, who needs the carbs? Oh, I do.


Thankful Paul said...

Hello! :)

heather bells said...

I'm proud of you!!! We'll get through it together and be wearing our bikinis by this summer (well, if we wanted to wear bikinis :)

Pig heads are incredibly disturbing!

Misty said...

A chocolate bar on the floor? A Dove chocolate bar? And brownies in the kitchen? My dear, you are a glutton for punishment. I love you and I hope you do call soon. It would be "great!" (Says Ashley the freshman.) HLXOXO

Jenn=) said...

so you are saying you don't need to call me:(