Saturday, March 7, 2009

A post for Gran

I was informed today that my Granny checks my blog everyday, and I thought she might like some recent pictures of our girl. She has been on the move lately! There is no stopping her. I waited and waited for her to walk and now that she does, I find myself feeling a little wistful about how big she is getting. She really isn't my baby anymore. Sigh.

Giving a kiss to Nan. Look at those neck rolls. I just love them.
I like to think that she is contemplating life in this picture. From her expression, it seems a little grim. Debbie Downer. Wah, wah waaaah.....
She was not so happy with the ears, but they were so darn cute that we just kept trying.

Finally got the ears off, and all is well once more.
Our little model mugging for the camera. So pretty.
This is about as much cuddling as I get these days. She does not like to be kept still.
"The one who holds the remote, holds the power."
This picture should tell you who is really in charge in our house.
This picture is so deceiving. She is never still. Apparently something on TV caught her attention. I wish I knew what it was so we could buy it. She does look pretty cute sitting pretty in her big girl chair.

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