Friday, February 24, 2012

Okay, so it's been awhile

I just haven't had the time or the brain power to come up with something to write, but I have this weird nagging relationship with this blog where I feel like I owe it something. Like it is a person or something. Or more like a mother heaping guilt on me for not calling, or in this case writing. So, I guess I will take some time to make up with my blog. Sorry blog.
Things around here have been pretty calm. Charlie is a wonderfully snuggly and happy baby. After the storm that was Zoey, it is a nice change. God is having a good laugh at my expense right now, because of course he knew that we needed another baby and of course he knew that it needed to be a boy. Two things I have pretty ticked about. But here we are almost 6 months later in baby boy bliss.
Zoey loves her little brother with a passion that puts her father over the edge most days. She wants to hug and kiss on him constantly. I have to really watch myself to not say over and over "Get off your brother." or "Get out of his face!" I know she is doing it because she watches me hug and kiss on him all day, and let's just be real here, so is me made over. I did the same thing to my little brother.
The transition to stay at home mommy has been fantastic. I LOVE staying home. I mean, there are definitely days when that girl makes me want to cut my own ear off Van Gogh style just so I don't have to listen to her say "Mama, mama, watch this!" one more time. But, being at home is just so peaceful and I'll admit, fun. I get to hang out with some of my favorite people on a pretty regular basis. Now that I am at home, I really just want everyone to be at home (ahem, sister).
Being at home has brought many of my shortcomings to my attention-like my incredible selfishness with my time. So often Zoey want me to play with her and I make an excuses like she needs to learn how to play by herself. I just get so tired of thinking of three year old activities or pretending to cry (because that is what she really wants me to do). I just want to decide what I am going to do and when I am going to do it. Is that too much to ask? For a three year old, yes, yes it is.
I have a few more thoughts rolling around in my head, but they are somewhat unrelated to the topic at hand, so they are for a different time. However, I think I will be calling on this blog a little more often these days. Hopefully.