Sunday, September 27, 2009


I love the fall so much. I can feel it in my bones weeks before it arrives, and I practically count down the hours until I can shout "Happy Fall!" Autumn is the beginning of so many wonderful things-crisp air, crunchy leaves, yummy smells, comforting food, and most importantly, CELEBRATING! My heart friend, Toni, and I have been exchanging Autumn gifts for years. This year was no exception. I got her package in the mail on Thursday, and I actually squealed with delight. I wanted to document the moment for her. Ripping into the package

My beautiful new bowl, now lovingly on display in my dining room
Peanuts lip gloss-I love all things Charlie Brown. My Toni knows me so well.
A sampling of the tea Toni sent me. We are lovers of tea!
My new pumpkin stamp!!! I can't wait to use it! I LOVE IT!
I read Toni's handmade card over and over. I miss her so terribly.
The bug liked Toni's package as well! She has already taken over the crayons and coloring book. (Also, please notice that she is wearing pj's with pumpkins all over-so cute!)

So, my sweet little Toni-girl, I love you the world. Thank you for the gift! You were right; this is the best one ever! I hope you liked yours as much as I liked mine. You make my heart dance with joy.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

no words

Here is a conversation that I had with one of my students yesterday.

Me: So, when you are taking the test, the first thing it is going to ask you is what type of books you like:
Simone: I don't have a favorite book.
Me: You just have to click what kind you like-romance, mystery, etc.
Simone: I don't like any kind. I only like to read things about me.
Me: (flabbergasted) Really?
Simone: (stone-faced serious) Yeah. Books aren't about me, so I am not interested. I only like to think about me.
Me: (still flabbergasted) So, you don't ever, you know, think about like your mom or what you are going to have for dinner or anything?
Simone: (still so serious. Not understanding at all the tears that are coming to my eyes because I am biting the inside of my cheek in an attempt not to fall on the floor laughing.)No. I only think about me. I am just being honest. I love me. I love the way God made me.
Me: (turning red from effort) I like the way God made you too. You are just right.

What kind of books do you suggest to someone who is only interested in themselves? I pondered with question for a long time, even lost some sleep over it. It finally hit me. I told Simone today that her year long project was to write her life story (yeah, all 11 years of it). She, of course, loved the idea. I told her that she needed to read lots of biographies and autobiographies so she could get some ideas about what to put in her story. She may or may not have seen through my ploy, but at least she is now somewhat excited about something that she can do in my class. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love that girl.


I like to ask questions, okay? I need to be able to question every little part of an explanation to make sure I completely understand what the other person is saying. I'm probably a little slow, so just be patient when I ask a million questions. And don't get annoyed when I just repeat or rephrase what you just said. That is simply my way of comprehending something. Have I always been this way? I don't know. Probably. I KNOW that I am annoying, but I can't stop myself. If I reign in my questions, I will be lost. I hate that this is the only way I can learn, but I have tried several methods, and this is the one that works. I have to dissect something and then put it back together myself. I did not learn this about myself until I was a senior in college (I am a late bloomer, apparently). It was amazing when I finally embraced this. I got a 4.o that year.
This is what is making my job so hard this year. I have no one to ask my questions to. I am girl without a team. I am an oar floating in the ocean-well, that is how I feel anyway. I know this has to get better, but I sure feel like I am in over my head right now.
I am really trying not to be annoyed with myself and my MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of inadequacies that are stacking up, but I am making it really hard on myself. And the vicious cycle continues.