Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ahem....a list or two

I was reading another blog, and I was inspired to make a list. Here is a list of things I will never do, unless forced against my will. It is a bit hard to think of these things, because, honestly, there are so few things I won't try. However, I will try my best. I will never:

1) shave my head
2) eat a Scotch Bonnet pepper
3) teach elementary school
4) go to Detroit
5) install a stripper pole in my bedroom
6) doubt that my daughter is a miracle
7) stop believing that God shows us a small portion of his love through animals
8) go to a rap concert
9) stop eating meat
10) look like a super model
11) be a virgin again
12) find apple juice appetizing by itself
13) wear hammer pants
14) get another tattoo even though I want one
15) say never

Here are a few things to counter the above list. This one was much easier to come up with. I will always:

1) try to meddle in other people's lives too much
2) remember this year with the worst and fondest memories
3) have my mother's eyes
4) be a Simpson girl at heart
5) love dessert too much
6) wish that I looked like a super model
7) love to snuggle in bed
8) like to read
9) celebrate holidays
10) love to shop
11) say bad words when I am extremely provoked
12) rely on the kindness of strangers
13) think toes look better painted
14) sleep best in my own bed
15) know it doesn't matter who I am or what happens to me, God is sovereign

Okay, that is all that is on my mind right now. The end.

Friday, March 13, 2009

A bit of a let down

I used to be able to taste Spring Break like a piece of candy rolling around on my tongue. Next to Christmas break, it is the sweetest time of the school year. Today, I found myself waiting for the thrill of a week off to sink in. While I was sitting at my desk after school, I was struck with the realization that I'm not really getting break. While I won't be leaving the house to go to work, I will still be working hard-harder than I would be at school. Zoey completely exhausts me, and while I cherish Wednesdays when we get to spend the whole say together, I have found that school is still my refuge. I kinda thought I was past all that, but apparently I am still not "one of those moms." It has been almost a year; when does that finally hit?
Lately my shoulders have just been aching, and I think this is compounding my thoughts about Spring Break. Zoey is getting hefty, and the idea of carrying her around day and night makes them hurt worse.
I am positive that this will be a good week, but honestly, I am still a little nervous about 24/7 Zoey. What the heck was I thinking when being a stay at home mom crossed my mind? Crazy, delusional girl.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day at the races

Actually it was more like an hour at the races, but whatever. It was such a nice day and Zoey looked so cute that we decided to go cheer on Aunt Christie and Grandpa's Running Mustangs. I am always up for a good track meet. I love to watch the 400 and the high jump. I feel like this is ironic because I look about as athletic as a potato, but it is in my blood. We didn't get to stay as long as I would have liked because it was pointed out to me by someone I don't know that Zoey was going to get sunburned. I was a little annoyed, but then realized she was right as I forgot to put sunscreen on her before we left as soon as my brother in law got there. We had to say Hi to him first of course. We just love that BIL.
My dad is the high jump coach, so we spent most the time watching his jumpers.
Zoey was giving Grandpa some tips on his high jumpers. "See that girl? Tell her she needs to jump higher. She keeps hitting the bar."
Zoey's favorite part of the meet was walking around on the grass. I didn't blame her. If my sandals squeaked, I would probably have been running around too.
Zoey was desperatly trying to make friends with this group of runners. I don't what attracted her to them, but I think it has something to do with that yellow bottle of Gatorade sitting on the ground.

A post for Gran

I was informed today that my Granny checks my blog everyday, and I thought she might like some recent pictures of our girl. She has been on the move lately! There is no stopping her. I waited and waited for her to walk and now that she does, I find myself feeling a little wistful about how big she is getting. She really isn't my baby anymore. Sigh.

Giving a kiss to Nan. Look at those neck rolls. I just love them.
I like to think that she is contemplating life in this picture. From her expression, it seems a little grim. Debbie Downer. Wah, wah waaaah.....
She was not so happy with the ears, but they were so darn cute that we just kept trying.

Finally got the ears off, and all is well once more.
Our little model mugging for the camera. So pretty.
This is about as much cuddling as I get these days. She does not like to be kept still.
"The one who holds the remote, holds the power."
This picture should tell you who is really in charge in our house.
This picture is so deceiving. She is never still. Apparently something on TV caught her attention. I wish I knew what it was so we could buy it. She does look pretty cute sitting pretty in her big girl chair.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

cheater, cheater, ice cream eater

I am completely pathetic. I cheated already. I was doing so good, and I lost all my resolve when I walked into my sister's house. She always has the best junk food. On the other hand, Zoey discovered that she loves ice cream. I was sitting on the floor eating mine, and Zoey was literally climbing all over me trying to get the ice cream. It was nice for me, because she has been a grouchy groucherson today.It only took a little imagination to make believe that she was just trying to snuggle me. I'll take my love any way I can get it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

writer's block

I have nothing to say-nothing at all. I must be pretty boring. Nothing especially exciting has gone on lately. Right now I am pretty much writing just to take my mind off of the brownies that are sitting in my kitchen. I have been inspired by Heather to cut the carbs. She looks great, and I am over due to feel good about my appearance. I am one day down-which is a huge thing for me because I have horrible self control. So, here is a list of random things that will help me take my mind off of the brownies and the Dove chocolate bar laying on the counter taunting me:

1. I am drinking a glass of skim milk, and must say, it is a poor substitute.
2. I am not wearing pants right now.
3. My husband is funny.
4. I just read a great book called Love is a Wild Assault; didn't think I would like it, but it was fantastic
5. I almost sent Heather a text that said "Feeling a little Pig Headed today?"
6. I really need to mop the floor
7. I need to call Toni and Misty in the worst way
8. I can't believe that we only have about 12 weeks of school left
9. I am a shameful grader-my kids must hate me for that
10. I rock at being able to spot kids chewing gum
11. Two of our youth came over to hang out last night and it was awesome-they are so cool; I want to be friends with them forever, and I secretly hope they get married even though they are only sophomores in high school
12. I want to buy all new underwear from Soma; I wish they would sponsor me
13. I hope when we grow up, our family is as cool as the Suescun's.
14. Sometimes I am so full of excitement, joy, etc. that I must do a little jump.
15. I got some new flip flops on Saturday because while we were out shopping my stomach started hurting and I am convinced that it was because my feet were hot.

Okay, who needs the carbs? Oh, I do.