Friday, March 13, 2009

A bit of a let down

I used to be able to taste Spring Break like a piece of candy rolling around on my tongue. Next to Christmas break, it is the sweetest time of the school year. Today, I found myself waiting for the thrill of a week off to sink in. While I was sitting at my desk after school, I was struck with the realization that I'm not really getting break. While I won't be leaving the house to go to work, I will still be working hard-harder than I would be at school. Zoey completely exhausts me, and while I cherish Wednesdays when we get to spend the whole say together, I have found that school is still my refuge. I kinda thought I was past all that, but apparently I am still not "one of those moms." It has been almost a year; when does that finally hit?
Lately my shoulders have just been aching, and I think this is compounding my thoughts about Spring Break. Zoey is getting hefty, and the idea of carrying her around day and night makes them hurt worse.
I am positive that this will be a good week, but honestly, I am still a little nervous about 24/7 Zoey. What the heck was I thinking when being a stay at home mom crossed my mind? Crazy, delusional girl.

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The Beasley's said...

Let's get the girls together to play! All of our normal activities are off, too, and that would be exactly what we need is some Zoey and Ashley time.