Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ahem....a list or two

I was reading another blog, and I was inspired to make a list. Here is a list of things I will never do, unless forced against my will. It is a bit hard to think of these things, because, honestly, there are so few things I won't try. However, I will try my best. I will never:

1) shave my head
2) eat a Scotch Bonnet pepper
3) teach elementary school
4) go to Detroit
5) install a stripper pole in my bedroom
6) doubt that my daughter is a miracle
7) stop believing that God shows us a small portion of his love through animals
8) go to a rap concert
9) stop eating meat
10) look like a super model
11) be a virgin again
12) find apple juice appetizing by itself
13) wear hammer pants
14) get another tattoo even though I want one
15) say never

Here are a few things to counter the above list. This one was much easier to come up with. I will always:

1) try to meddle in other people's lives too much
2) remember this year with the worst and fondest memories
3) have my mother's eyes
4) be a Simpson girl at heart
5) love dessert too much
6) wish that I looked like a super model
7) love to snuggle in bed
8) like to read
9) celebrate holidays
10) love to shop
11) say bad words when I am extremely provoked
12) rely on the kindness of strangers
13) think toes look better painted
14) sleep best in my own bed
15) know it doesn't matter who I am or what happens to me, God is sovereign

Okay, that is all that is on my mind right now. The end.

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