Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I like to ask questions, okay? I need to be able to question every little part of an explanation to make sure I completely understand what the other person is saying. I'm probably a little slow, so just be patient when I ask a million questions. And don't get annoyed when I just repeat or rephrase what you just said. That is simply my way of comprehending something. Have I always been this way? I don't know. Probably. I KNOW that I am annoying, but I can't stop myself. If I reign in my questions, I will be lost. I hate that this is the only way I can learn, but I have tried several methods, and this is the one that works. I have to dissect something and then put it back together myself. I did not learn this about myself until I was a senior in college (I am a late bloomer, apparently). It was amazing when I finally embraced this. I got a 4.o that year.
This is what is making my job so hard this year. I have no one to ask my questions to. I am girl without a team. I am an oar floating in the ocean-well, that is how I feel anyway. I know this has to get better, but I sure feel like I am in over my head right now.
I am really trying not to be annoyed with myself and my MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of inadequacies that are stacking up, but I am making it really hard on myself. And the vicious cycle continues.

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