Monday, February 16, 2009

photo update

I have been told that I do not post enough pictures, so here goes. And, I apologize in advance for the video that is the wrong way. I promise it is worth the crick.
John was playing peek-a-book with Zoey under a freshly washed blanket. The effect was Dr. Zoey, mad scientist.

My friend Dawn's girls, Abby and Raelyn, spent the afternoon with us. Abby loved "watching" Zoey. She wanted to hold her and feed her, but when Zoey pulled her hair, it was over.

She loves to read. The other day she just decided to plop down with one of her favorite books. She was turning the pages and everything. I was in bookwork heaven.
Zoey loves her Pop...and his glasses. I love the way she is looking at him. So sweet.

Getting her swing on. The girl is crazy about swinging! We have a swing that we still need to install...we've had it since Christmas. Maybe by her birthday it will be up. :)
A kiss and a walk


kelly said...

i just love everything about her. did john capture the kissing? he did a great job if so, i'm totally impressed.

Mommy said...

the pictures and videos are priceless. it's been too long since we've seen y'all. we need to get together soon.

Sarah said...

SO CUTE! I am glad you posted the videos and the pics!

Anonymous said...

she is perfection. I can't elieve how well she's walking!! and what sweet pics with Pop!! :) Thanks for the post sweetie. Love it.

Johanna said...

Zoey is the most beautiful little gal, just like her mother!!