Saturday, July 26, 2008


That is me banging on the keyboard because I am throwing a silent fit. I can't throw it out loud because I might wake up the boss, and heaven forbid I do that. I took me a freakin' hour and a half to get her to really go to sleep. My parents came over to help me get her ready for bed since I am a mission trip widow. My mom and I bathed her and somehow managed to get her desitined, diapered, and pajamaed while she screamed bloody murder. Seriously. Cried so hard she made herself choke. No sympathy from the mommy. My blood pressure was probably through the roof. Ugh. We then handed her off to my dad (is my life a perpetual football game??) who fed her and put her to bed. She did not even stir when he moved her to her cradle. Totally unfair. That hasn't happened for me in a week. I thought she was sound asleep, when as my parents prepared to leave, she started crying. She is diabolical. She waits till she gets me alone to set forth her evil plans of slowly driving me insane. I put the pacifier back in her mouth and tiptoed out of the room. Just as I settled back on the couch, she started up again. Repeat routine for an hour and a half. She is the puppet master and I am her puppet. I finally decided to drug her with Tylenol. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I think she is teething anyway, so there all you who are judging me right now. Now, let's see if she actually sleeps all night long. ha. right. Single mothers deserve a BMW and liposuction for doing this job on their own.


Misty said...

I'm so sorry, I know how you feel and I know how hard it is to be alone doing it. They always seem to save the worst for when you have no backup. I'd say teething is a pretty good bet, along with missing her daddy. Read this, maybe it will help.

Jenn=) said...

Im all for drugging babies=)

I can't wait to see you!