Friday, July 25, 2008

I stole this

I completely ganked this from another blog that I read, but I liked it, and since I am having a quiet moment, I thought that I would fill in the blanks:

i am: avoiding housework.
i dream: about being skinny.
i think: that I made a mistake about my job. gulp.
i know: Christ died for me. Woohoo!
i want: to sleep in someday.
i have: a daughter.
i wish: Zoey could take care of herself sometimes.
i hate: waking up in the morning.
i miss: my freedom. sigh.
i fear: that I will never get over being too selfish.
i feel: like going to Target.
i hear: the hum of the computer.
i smell: like spit-up and baby.
i crave: cookies. all the time.
i search: for those dang bows of Zoey's that I lost. Where O where could they be???
i wonder: if my body will ever be the same.
i regret: some the things that I say to John sometimes.
i love: my family and friends. So much.
i ache: in the head. need some tylenol.
i care: about animals entirely too much.
i always: eat too much dessert.
i am not: sorry about the above statement.
i believe: in Jesus Christ.
i dance: with Zoey around the house.
i sing: all the time!
i cry: when I am tired or mad.
i don’t always: pray as much as I should.
i fight: with John about stupid stuff. I am mostly wrong.
i write: for me.
i lose: when I play against John aka the trivia master
i never: weed the backyard.
i listen: by asking questions.
i can usually be found: on the couch.
i need: to work out.
i am happy about: Kelly coming to spend the week!
i desire: long hair.
i hope: Zoey sleeps well tonight.


kelly said...

ME TOOOOOO!! i really can't wait!

Jenn=) said...

I read this with a smile on my face as well... I cant wait to see you in a few days!!