Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Becoming a mother has really forced me to examine my life and make decisions about what is really important. For example, my routine for getting ready in the morning (morning, afternoon, early evening-whatever) has had to undergo a few minor changes. Now, instead of stumbling groggily into the bathroom and hopping into the shower to wake myself up, I dart in and out of the bathroom snatching quiet moments to make myself presentable. I also do each step according to the order of importance. To me, the most important thing that I can do is put in my contacts then brush my teeth. If the routine is interrupted, then the two most essential things are out of the way. The next step is the shower. If I get lucky, I might get to shave my legs, but most of the time, that knocks off a step or two from the end of the routine. While in the shower, I wash my face. Often this is where the routine ends abruptly. Please note, no clothes have been put on at this time. Clothes have become somewhat of a luxury. If I am fortunate enough to go on, the underwear and bra naturally come first. In my former life, much of this routine was backward, and I spent a great deal of the getting ready process naked confident that I would be fully clothed by the time I walked out of my bedroom; I have now come to realize that if I don't grab every advantage, John may very well come home at the end of the day to a naked wife (some men may dream of this, but believe me, this would be the farthest thing from sexy. In the words of Jerry Seinfeld: "bad naked!") . The pants are put on next. Why you ask? Well, if I don't have time to put on a shirt, it is a lot easier to throw one on of the doorbell rings suddenly. Seconds, people, precious, precious seconds. You might think that the shirt would come next-oh no. Eye make-up takes priority over a shirt. It is essential. So, eyes, then shirt, then combing out the hair, followed by blowing drying and straightening the bangs, then the rest of the face is finished. If the angels are smiling on me, I might get to blow-dry my and straighten my hair the rest of my hair, but again, if I shave my legs, the chances of this happening are slim to none. This morning, I actually got through all the steps, but once more, a choice had to be made: Finish the routine or eat breakfast? A girl just can't have it all.


Misty said...

You're funny you know. You know how I am about my food. I never miss a meal. But I literally forgot to eat for the first several months. Now you know why. You don't mean to forget....it's all in the choices. And if I can continue to obnoxiously add to your post, you forgot to mention that if you ever do manage to get a shirt on, forget about putting on a clean one before you leave the house. At least that was my trademark move.

cheryl said...

Loved this post - so true.