Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sometimes it freaks me out a little bit how alike people start to be when they have been married for awhile. John and I will celebrate 5 years of marriage on the 26th, and I have a whole new definition of "two people become one."
John flew to San Fransisco a full week before I did to do some training for work. I met him there last Friday for a little anniversary celebration. It was a wonderful trip. Lots of great shopping. Anyway, when searching for the perfect souvenir, I had in mind a shirt that I had spotted somewhere. I thought that I had seen it at Pier 39, but when we went there to get it, alas, it was no where to be seen. The two of us became obsessed with finding this shirt. We scoured every shop in Pier 39 and Chinatown. I finally had to admit that maybe I had made this shirt up. Perhaps I had dreamed the shirt and thought it was real. It's happened before. Just when I was about to chalk it up to craziness, John said that he remembered the shirt as well. He described it to me and said that he remembered seeing it in a store window, so I knew that it wasn't just me; the shirt did exist, and even if I didn't buy it, I must know its covert location. It plagued us the rest of the trip. Finally, exhausted, hungry, and irritable, the search ended and I bought another T-shirt.
Our flight was delayed on Monday, so John and I had some time to kill at the airport. We meandered through the shops looking for something to bring back to the niece and nephew. All the sudden we simultaneously halted at the same time, mouths agape. There was the shirt in a store window, just like John had remembered. It had been in the airport all along. And, although we arrived in SF separately , we both noticed the shirt and it stuck in both our minds. We had a good chuckle at how far we have come in the past five years and bought the t-shirt.

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The Comerfords said...

Awesome! :) At least your husband remembers things. Eric could look at a shirt, hold the shirt, try it on, almost buy it...and then not remember it the next time we go into the same store. Sounds like you guys were meant to be. :)