Friday, May 30, 2008

The now

The view from the couch this week has been pretty great. I think I am finally in love with my daughter. I have always loved her, mainly because I had to, but now the emotions are starting to match the obligation. Forever is still a long time to be beholden to someone, but I did manage to make dinner twice this week-victory! Have I mentioned that anti-depressants are pretty much the best invention on the face of this earth? Someone once asked me this question "If you had to pick one modern day invention to put in the trunk of your car, what would it be?" I had a really hard time answering that question then. A telephone? A hairdryer? There is a seemly endless list of possibilities to this question, but they all seem to pale in comparison to the anti-depressant. The doctor said that I would take these for six weeks and then we would gradually wean me off of them. I am thinking about begging her to let me stay on them indefinitely...just kidding...kinda.

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