Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Small Steps

It dawned on this morning me that I find myself in the same place at the beginning of each week-on the couch still in the pajamas. Today, though, I made a conscious decision to remain this way. My goal is still to wash my face and put in my contacts, but if I never officially make it out of my pjs, I think I will be okay. It seems to me that no matter how much I sleep, I am still exhausted, so if I stay in my pajamas all day, I can sleep comfortably whenever the boss gives me a break. This is me trying to justify my slothiness.
So, I think maybe the anti-depressants are starting to work, because I have felt pretty even for the past two days. It also may be the fact that John has been home for the past 4 days. I choose to believe the latter out of desperation. Nevertheless, I was delighted with the boss yesterday. She went swimming for the first time, and she LOVED it. And she was absolutely adorable in her little swim suit. My heart was full for the first time in 6.5 weeks. And it overflowed into the morning. So the view from the couch finds the boss asleep in her swing, the cats sunning in the window, and me with a few quiet moments on my hands. I could get used to this, although I am still waiting for the bottom to fall out, but surely that is something every mother must feel on a daily basis.

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