Friday, May 16, 2008

Still in the pajamas sans the pants

I started this blog yesterday with the hopes of pouring out all my woes to the cyberworld. However, the boss had different plans for me, and while I set everything up, I didn't get a chance to post A.K.A complain. All my angst really boiled down to exhaustion. Just when I think I have the boss figured out, she comes up with a new trick. It's actually really annoying. So, yesterday as I was driving to pick up a friend, I was mulling over all the things that really make me tired-bad drivers, feeling empty, lacking patience, not having anything to wear, and the list really went on for awhile. It seemed everything and everyone that I passed was another thing that made me tired, and the thing that made me the most tired was cooing happily in the back seat-the monkey on my back. God is so good though, and he sent me fulfillment just when I needed it in the form on a friend. I think I just needed the presence of someone else in the house, someone willing to hold the boss, because, honestly, I just get tired of holding her constantly. I know as a brand new mother I should be just joyful to be cuddling and kissing her constantly, but my gosh, the show gets old. Don't judge me. I believe that plenty of women feel this way, but they are too afraid to say it because they believe that all their friends really are those mothers who are just overjoyed all the time to be taking care of this new completely dependent lump FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE. These are the thoughts that were overwhelming me yesterday. But the view from the couch today is completely different. It has something to do with the good day yesterday, the fact that the husband took the 3 a.m. feeding, and the boss looking so peaceful right now. So even though I have yet to get dressed, I really need to go to the bathroom, another feeding is looming in the near future, and I am essentially a prisoner at the moment, I feel pretty good.

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