Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Am I Holden Caulfield?

Okay, I am just going to come out and say it, John and I made a really cute baby. Zoey a.k.a "the boss" is just so darn cute. I mean, sometimes she has a little bit of a troll face when it is all scrunched up and red, but most of the time, she is pretty angelic looking. My sister did ask me yesterday if I thought Zoey was going to be a midget because she has a longer torso than legs, but although the jury is still somewhat out, I don't think so. Mainly because there are no midgets on either side of our family, and I have to believe that God would not do that to me. Midgets freak me out.
Right now, Zoey is happy as a lark in her swing. You know, babies have all kinds of toys and gadgets to make them happy and relaxed, and I want to know where all the gadgets are for moms to be happy and relaxed? I want to swing in that swing. It looks so comfortable. I could easily nap the day away in it if it was mom size. I have been tempted to see if I can sit in it, but a) I am pretty sure that it wouldn't support my weight, and b) I don't think it would go over too well with Zoey. She is pretty partial to that thing. Sometimes it is the only place I can get her to take a nap. I tried to tell myself that her napping in the swing was a bad idea as she needs to get used to sleeping in her bed, but what the hell was I thinking? The girl is sleeping! What am I complaining about? Yesterday I tried that whole in the bed thing, and it did not work out. She only took one nap the whole day, and it was on the couch. So, maybe she will be like me and not like to nap in bed. I much prefer the couch myself. The bed is for sleeping long periods of time and the couch is for...well, napping.
So, I just realized that this blog was mainly about midgets and the couch. That scares me a little.


cheryl said...

Hey Ashley! Thanks for leaving a comment and I am happy to know you have a blog! WE NEED TO GET TOGETHER!! When I call you, please call me back. :)

Jenn=) said...

I love midgets ...and couches so that blog was pretty awesome