Monday, June 30, 2008

thinking problem

Right now, I am sitting here thinking
why I am watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
Why did Sarah Michelle Gellar agree to be a voice on this movie?
Was she just being nostalgic?
Why don't I take a much needed shower?
Will I really have time to shower tomorrow?
Will tomorrow be a good day with the boss?
When am I going to quit having so much anxiety about the coming night and day?
Why do my toes always hurt after working out?
Will I ever be able to buy new shoes?
When, oh when, am I going to fit into my clothes again?
Why did my child scream for 20 solid minutes on the way home?
How high was my blood pressure during that time?
Did I damage her hearing by turning the radio loud enough to drown her out?
When are my emotions going to settle down?
Is there a place where responsibility really can't find you? If so, can I have a map please? (I choose to think it might be under the couch-no one can see you there-but I just can't fit myself under there)
Why do I feel like I am being left in the dust by everyone around me?
When am I going to figure out the one thing that will make all this go away?
Why am I embarrassed to tell some of this stuff to John?
Why can't he just read this damn blog and figure it out for himself?

1 comment:

kc said...

i'm printing it out and giving it to him.