Monday, November 17, 2008

So little

There is so little to say right now. My brain is an empty rattle. I am tired to the bone (mainly my shoulder bone which is constantly in pain). I think two dinner parties in two days may have been too much?? I feel like I just said a dirty word. How can anyone celebrate too much? However, its the cleaning up afterward that exhausts me. Tonight I didn't do much of the cleaning due to the stupid and excruciating shoulder pain. John did almost all of it. Just like he did almost all of the cooking. Where was my role in the night you ask? I made a cake. And, I, dishwasher loader extraordinaire, loaded and started the dishwasher. So I am not as completely worthless as I feel right now.
Here's the thing about the shoulder. First of all, I am being a complete and total baby I am sure. But, after the shingles fiasco of 2008, I am always on guard for seemingly unrelated and weird symptoms. So, my shoulder has been hurting for about three weeks, and it has progressively gotten worse. It hurts when I move it in certain directions, like trying to reach up or back or leaning on it just to name a few. John keeps telling me to go to the doctor, but my greatest fear is I will go there and it will end up being nothing. If I go to the doctor, I want it to be for good reason. Plus, if I am being honest, and I am, I haven't even tried ice or heat. Instead of doing anything constructive, I have been researching shoulder pain on the internet. According to one site, my shoulder is probably going to fall off, which is unfortunate, because I really use this arm to pick up Zoey (I know what you are thinking, but stop with the logic. It is probably shoulder cancer) Anyway, tonight John made me an ice pack and then helped me stretch, and even though I wanted to cry at a few points, I have to admit that the shoulder does feel a little better. Which is embarrassing, because like I said before, I have been a big baby.
As I said before, there isn't much to say these days, but I haven't said anything in awhile. I will apologize for this post soon by posting more pictures of Zoey, which, if we are being honest, and we are, is the reason anyone probably looks at this blog anyway. Oh life; it is so...(wipes eyes in delirious laughter). I will leave you with one small confession. In that other sentence, I didn't use the contraction I meant to use, because I couldn't remember how to spell it. And yes, I do call myself a Language Arts teacher. I just never said I was that good. So there. Class dismissed.

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