Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Selfish thoughts

Sandra Cisneros states that people are like onions-when you grow up, each year just layers on the previous one, and at times, layers you thought were deeply buried emerge. I believe this with all my heart, because tonight I am 6. All I can think about are the things that I want. And since I didn't eat dessert tonight, I think I will indulge myself in a different way. This is my grown-up Christmas list, and I have half a mind to sit on Santa's lap and read this to him (he does live across the street-literally). I want a pedicure so bad I can taste it (I wish that was a better phrase, because that would be really gross). I want new living room furniture. I want to lose 30 pounds tomorrow. I want someone to babysit Zoey all weekend so I can spend time in my former life. I want my damn shoulder to stop hurting. I want Toni to come visit. I want to sleep in tomorrow. I want a $100,000.00 gift card to Target. I want a new car that doesn't have squeaky breaks. I want to eat ice cream everyday. I want a reason to dress up. I want a tummy tuck. I want a boob lift. I want fake nails. I want my students to be perfect angels tomorrow. I want to skip PLC time tomorrow. I want my husband to take me out on the town. I want to see Twilight right now. I want the chiropractor to fix me on Friday so I never have to go back. I want John to stay home with me every Wednesday. I want to go camping. I want to spend some time at a spa. I want a massage.



The Beasley's said...

The one thing I know for certain is Twilight is oh, so close...and I will be there Friday night in my "Mrs. Edward Cullen" shirt, baby! woohoo!

Chris said...

You and me want some of the same things. A lot of the same things! I hope Santa brings them to you. ;)