Friday, November 21, 2008

An active and sad imagination

I have been so looking forward to seeing Twilight. I mean, I have literally been waiting for years for this movie to come out. It is finally here, and what I am I doing right now? Sitting all alone in my house. I had the strangest notion that John would have some big date planned for us to go see this movie that I have so anticipated, but well, he's not even here. I am sad. All the way home from school, I imagined being whisked away to the movies; I mean, I really had this whole scenario playing out in my head. It was great. He was going to have dropped Zoey off with the parents and surprise me with tickets. Then, I opened the garage door and all my air let out. He wasn't even home. Not only did he not plan anything for what is to me a big night, no one was here to even care that I was home. So much for the night. I am feeling completely sorry for myself, and John will ask me what is wrong, and I won't tell him. I wish he...well, I wish the above mentioned scenario had happened. Oh well.

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The Beasley's said...

I should've come and kidnapped you to come with us! I know you want to see the movie, and no matter what anyone told me about it, I would still want to see it anyway. I feel like I giggled through it more than anything. Sadly, I would have to say my imagination is better than the movie itself, but I'll still buy it anyway :-)