Saturday, May 23, 2009

Zoey the Menace

Zoey has a love of animals, and much to Daisy's chagrin, she main object of Zoey's affection. For the most part, Daisy is a good sport, but there are times that Daisy just needs her "me" time. Zoey doesn't seem to understand the concept of personal space as demonstrated by the below pictures. Daisy often tries to find the one place that Zoey cannot find her, but Zoey is wiley in her own right, and she finds a way to torment that poor cat.

Zoey has also found way to torment mommy. She is simply into EVERYTHING these days. On Wednsday, I was putting the dishes away, and I turned to put the plates away and when I turned around I was surprised to find this little show:

Daring to go where no Zoey has gone before.

Finding the courage to stand
One small step for mankind; one giant step for babies everywhere.

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Sarah said...

haha that is so cute. Kailey LOVES our dog Addie. She is always petting her and hugging her, and kissing her. It is really sweet, and Addie is a good sport too. Kailey is also into the dishwasher. Lately we have been having her help us unload it, which is nice. We figure we need to go ahead and train her, so she can take over within a few months. :)