Sunday, May 31, 2009

What I love about Sundays

As much as I detest getting up early, I love Sunday mornings. The main reason that I love Sundays is because I am a part of the praise team at church. I prayed for years for God to allow me to use the gift he gave me for his glorification. I was looking for instant gratification and I never understood why he would not want me to be leading worship. I think I may finally have an answer for that. During my quiet time this week, God showed me that when we wait on his timing, the reward is so much better than we become impatient and try to achieve what we want for ourselves. Of course God knew that our family would end up at Summer Creek Baptist church. And this is the best praise team that I could ask for. We have gone through some changes, but being a part of this praise team is one of the biggest blessings of my life. My favorite thing about being a "lead worshiper" as our preacher would say is that I have the privilege of watching my friends worship. It is such a sweet time. I feel like watching my friends lifting their hearts and voices is a peek of what Heaven is going to be like. I love it when the instruments stop playing and everyone is singing together. I can close my eyes and imagine that we are members of the Heavenly choir. Oh bliss. I am so humbled that God would allow me to stand in the front of his church and sing his praises. I really cannot understand why someone like me with all my flaws would be allowed to help lead worship, but God's grace says that I can and more importantly, that I should. God is so good. On that note, I stole THIS from my brother in laws blog, and it just drove home what I have been feeling all day.

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