Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random bits

Okay, just a little bored today and not willing to fight battles that I should (i.e. taking away the jellybeans Zoey is currently playing with and making her go sit on the potty). Just feeling lazy. What is a girl to do? Blog of course!
Here are some funny things that have happened recently:

John sat on the plane next to a professional hunter/conservationalist. Doesn't sound that bad does it? Howevver, it was a woman named Samantha who gave him her business card. On one side was her actual picture-pretty professional looking. On the other side is a full lenght cartoony looking picture of her looking like an ad for a hunter/stripper. In other words, huge boobs pretty much hanging out. It is hilarious. I mean really? What does that have to do with hunting? It looks a little like an adult halloween costume ad for a vixern hunter. Cheese o rama. Also, Kelly pointed out, how can you be a hunter and a conservationalist? Hmm. Good point.
One of my worst nightmares came to fruition last week. Zoey walked in on the hubs and I. I think you know what I mean. I am afraid that I have scarred her for life. Yeesh. Talk about akward moments. All the sudden we heard, "Hi! I wake up!" If I hadn't been so mortified, I would have thought the whole thing funny.
Yesterday John was giving Zoey kisses, and she said, "Okay, Daddy. Enough." It was a classic moment.
I am presently finding myself entralled in Barney. I am such a mom. I wish I could spenf the day shopping online and getting my toenails done. I got them done recently, but they are already looking shoddy.
I have a prayer request: I am trying to find a babysitter for Zoey for the fall. I want to do God's will, but I am having a hard time discerning what that is. I have been so blessed with our past babysitters. They have just fallen into our lap. It's not so easy this time. I am aware that I have some time to decide, but I really would like this one little part of my life to be figured out. I have enough things befuddling me right now.
Well, that 's all for now. I have wasted enough of everyone's time. Maybe now I will do a little online shopping. Or maybe I will just love on my girl. Yeah, that's what I'll do. Put in contacts, love on girl.


Misty said...

Gasped at loud at Zoey catching y ou in the act! You are facing all kinds of fears lately my friend! Okay, so it is very likely that the damage was minimal, if at all. So we must talk and process this soon. Trust me, I know. ;)

e-com said...

Hey Ashley! I can somewhat help you out. I would be willing to watch your little Z this fall if you haven't found someone by the time you need someone. I'd totally do it full time, but I'm due in Oct/Nov and I don't think I could handle 4 kids. :) So, if it comes school time and you haven't found someone, I'll do it for as long as I can before our baby shows up!