Monday, June 21, 2010

Multitude Monday

Okay, Misty, here it is.

It has been quite a weekend, and I think once again, I am in need of remembering things I am grateful for.

11. A fantastic sister. Seriously, she is so great.

12. great music on my Ipod

13. wonderful grandparents

14. Watching my grandfather so lovingly care for the waning love of his life. I know it is a hard and taxing job, but his devotion to her blows me away. I hope I have even a little bit of his devotion and love in me.

15. A little girl who took it upon herself to take her diaper off and poop in the potty while mommy was on the phone. Such a pleasant surprise.

16. An impending trip to San Francisco!

17. fresh watermelon

18. no accidents so far this morning

19. coming home to an amazingly clean house-it is so welcoming to come home to a house that is tidy.

20. An amazig husband who sent me to Waco for the weekend no questions asked even though he had to work Sat. morning. And then cleaned the house for me while he was home with the buggle by himself. Blessed, blessed, blessed.