Wednesday, May 12, 2010

tidbits from the day

I decided that since this is my blog, I don't have to always write stuff that makes sense. I just want to jot down some things that I have observed and enjoyed today. And I just love making lists.
1. John booked my ticket to California today! I can't wait! That is where I'll be for Memorial day. Oh bliss bliss bliss. We'll be in Clairmont which is near L.A. I have been needing this vacation for oh so long. I will especially need it after John is gone the entire week before. I am meeting him there. Kelly, want to move in?
2. Today I met two friends for lunch. The place was pretty empty, so I didn't feel that bad letting Zoey roam for awhile while I chatted. She made friends with two ladies. She climbed up in an empty chair and had a heart to heart with them. As Mariela said, Zoey is a friend to all. When we were leaving, the ladies said, "Bye Zoey!" and she replied, "Bye friends!"
3. I have let her watch entirely too much T.V. today. I feel guilty about that.
4. I am stoked that the doctor is weaning me off one of the 5 medications that I take. I am also nervous about this because I have been taking this one for two years.
5. While in Waco, Zoey got her first haircut. She has a little bob, and at first, I thought she looked like the old timey cartoon little boys that wear the little sailor hats and have hair that falls around their ears, but she is really starting to work the cut. We just weren't getting anywhere letting the hair grow out. It was starting to get in her face too much. The lady said that this would help her hair grow better. The baby ends were in the way, I guess. I almost cried.
6. One of the most exciting parts of my day was when the filters for my dustbuster came in. I have been missing being able to use it. Sometimes I vacuum the house with it. It makes me happy.
7. I do not have praise team practice tonight and I am pretty happy about it. I just love hanging out with my husband and Wednesday night T.V.
8. Confession: When I take my vitamins, they make me not able to, ahem, go number two, which is one of the joys of my life. It is a great feeling okay? Don't judge. So, lately I have found myself singing my new version of "Someday my Prince will Come" from Cinderella-in place of Prince, I put another p word that is more appropriate for my current situation. I am hopeful all of this will work itself out yet. Hence the song.

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