Monday, May 24, 2010

bugly antics

Zoey has been so funny lately. It seems that she turned into a whole new person when she turned two. I mean, the girl has TONS of personality and a great sense of humor. I genuinely get a good laugh with her a couple times a week. Sometimes I am laughing at her, but there are times when she is truly trying to be funny.        
              She does something that John calls "shifty eyes." She will be doing something a little sneaky and she will look at you from the very corner of her eyes. Then she shift her eyes to the other corner all while having a hug silly grin on her face. One of the things that I also love is her idea that the closer she gets to your face, the more important her need is. She will put her nose to my nose to ask for "jelbeansh" (jellybeans) and "fwootnacks" (fruit snacks). And often when she is this close, she will whisper. I love to see how her imagination is expanding. She also recently invented a game that she likes to play called "Save me." It involves her or another person leaning back over the couch while yelling "I'm falling! Help me! Save me!" She or the other person (depending on which role she feels like playing) will yell "I'm coming! I'll save you!" Then you grab the victim and pull them to safety. Then, you have the thank the rescuer with kisses. When she does it, it is SOOOO funny, because she is totally serious about this game. We were playing at my parents house, and I was the victim on the oversized chair. She has this little Zoey sized fold up chair that she placed at the foot of the ottoman. When I yelled, "Help me, Zoey; Save me!", she would shout, "I coming, Mama! I coming!" Then she would so seriously shift the chair just a little to get it in the perfect rescue position and then dive onto the ottoman, grap my shirt, make a straining face and say "I got you! (or "I gotchew!" in zoese). I don't even know where she came up with this,. Maybe something she saw on TV. It makes me laugh. One day, we were on our way home from my parents, and she was tired and fussy, but all the sudden she stopped crying and said, "Giant Mountain!" (from Dora the Explorer) and I said, "Where?" and she pointed at something obscure. She then proceeded to pretend the entire way home that she was in a nepisode of Dora. We went over the Giant Mountain, through the Nut Forest and over the Troll Bridge. It was hysterical.       
           Sometimes she hugs me, and her little hands pat my back at the same time. She was sitting next to Jo (her babysitter) today at the table eating lunch, and she just reached over and starting giving her a little pat. It was so sweet. She seems like she will be a kind hearted little girl. She notices the emotion of everyone, especially other babies. If they are crying, she will look at us with a faux sad face and say "Baby crying?" And it really seems to plague her until the baby stops or she has moved on to something else.
                She doesn't drink out of her sippy cups as much, because she has gotten pretty good with the regular cup. She LOVES to dump stuff out, which is usually really annoying, but she doesn't do it as much. I think she is slowly starting to understand that she can dump water outside and in the bathtub. And speaking of the bathtub, she loves taking baths with me. And I have to admit, I love it too, although lately she has become obsessed with my ahem, cough, breasts. She likes to talk about them and grab at them. It kinda weirds me out, but I know this is pretty normal. I might have to put a stop to it soon, because she told her Sunday School teacher two weeks ago "I like boobies!" But that was just the beginning of all the liking of stuff. She walked around the house last week carrying M&Ms, Sour Patch Kids and popcorn saying, "I wike MMs, Jelbeans, and pacorn." The other day she told me she liked me. I was soaring. I am tired and I can't think of anything else at the moment, but there are so many things that she does that I find so endearing, like clasping her hands and letting out a little gasp and squeal when she gets something she likes. I showed her some paints that I got her yesterday and she let out a gasp, clasped her hands and said, "Oh tank djew, tank djew!"
I am just falling more in love with her everyday.


Johanna said...

Oh thank you thank you thank you for sharing all these sweet precious moments!! It made me smile. On another note. If Hayden sees me naked, then he will stare at my boobs and say "mmmmmm" "mmmmm" and occasionally smack his lips. I just weaned him, but he's been doing that for the past 3 months at least. A few weeks ago he saw some puppies nursing and he leaned into the box and did the same thing, "mmmmm" "mmmmm."

Robin said...

precious little girl! loving the zoey stories!

Misty said...

Oh I love all the Zoey details. <3