Thursday, September 25, 2008


Although there were some definite low moments in the past two weeks, Zoey and I had a blast when we evacuated and after we got power!

Bathing in a makeshift bathtub at Auntie Jenn's apartment.

This is my favorite face that she makes while bathing.

Check out the bunny slippers (and the sitting for that matter. She has become a sitting pro!)

Having fun with mom while Jenn is at work.

Our last day of Hurrication. We lived it up by shopping Market Square in the Woodlands. It was a great day, and Zoey looked so adorable. She had a great time with Aunt Christie, Nanny Kelly, and our new friend, Kayla.
"Really mom, is this necessary? It's hot and I'm hungry."
People are trying to get around me as I squat on the floor for this photo shoot. I didn't care; she looked too cute to miss this opportunity!


Anonymous said...

I love you and that baby so much, I can't stand it. And the bunny slippers? Totally ridic. Love it all.

Miss you! and miss that babyface ;)

Sarah said...

Are those brown shoes she is wearing???? And if so WHERE did you find them? I have looked all over the place and can't find any!

Misty said...

I bought the bookworm shirt too!

Jenn=) said...

here is the link to my recipe blog... you must have typed it in wrong=)

Holly Heston said...

So....I just found your block and wanted to say hi.

Ashley....Zoey is pretty and she looks so much like you....Hope things are going well....We really should do a playdate. We live so close and Zoey and Payton would have such fun!