Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another hurricane post

I know everyone in the Houston area is posting about our pal Ike, and I would like to add my thoughts about this situation. At first, I foolishly thought that a hurricane hitting our town would be kinda fun. I said foolishly. Little did I know how sucky this situation would turn out to be. Zoey, Christie, my mom and I headed to Waco to wait out the storm. I didn't want Zoey in the midst of all that chaos. That, it turns out, was a wise decision. We came back last Monday, and the weather was nice and cool. God was smiling on us. It was gorgeous fall weather. Then, the bottom started to fall out. John left for Las Vegas. That's right folks, my sweet husband left his wife and 5 month old baby girl in the middle of a black out with virtually no food and no means of communication (I am not getting service at my house). The darkness at night in combination with what I think might be some sore gums caused Zoey to go ballistic every night. While I was trying to put her pj's on one night, she was was screaming at me, and I got so frustrated that I just screamed back. I was surprised that no one called the cops and that I didn't damage her hearing. Bad mommy. I told John that night that if he ever left me in this situation again, I would leave him. And, my phone cut out right after that. Bad wife.
So, all I really had to eat was bread, peanut butter, ding dongs, twinkies, and oatmeal cream pies, because apparently that is all John thinks people need to eat during a hurricane. But, you know, then he left for the land of the all you can eat buffet. Meanwhile, if I never eat another ding dong, I will be a happy girl.
So, John took the red eye Thursday night and got home at 6 a.m. Friday morning. I have never been so glad to see him in my life. Maybe because I needed a Zoey break and maybe because I knew that he was leaving again on Saturday and maybe because I superstitiously thought that he would bring the electricity with him. Anyway, it was so good to have him home.
I am suprised at how this hurrican has brought people together. Our sweet neighbors across the street, whom we lovingly call Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause, actual names unknown to me, stored our meat in their freezer. Mrs. Clause came over Friday morning and told us that they had cooked our ribs and eaten a few, but kept most for us when we wanted them and could she do any laundry for us? It was just so thoughtful. I adore a good neighbor.
So, this brings us to Saturday (today). We are now 8 days without power. Our house smells like shit (sorry, but that is how badly it smells and how strongly I feel about not being able to do aything about it). And John is gone again; this time to Paris. The heat in the house became unbearable and we have escaped to Jenn's apartment for some much needed AC, TV, and TLC. Monday is the predicted day for the power to come back on, but it could be as late as Thursday. All I know is I want to smack the person who thought that this could be fun...oh wait, that was me.


Phil and Beki said...

Just so you know - you are no the only one to every scream back at your child - there have been days when I don't know what Reagan wants and i have changed his diaper, taken him outside, put him in the Rain Forest Bouncer, tried out the swing, and even tried feeding him and still have no clue to why he is crying I just let out a big scream. It makes me feel a lot better - and one time he actually quit screaming - and looked at me as if to say "Woman, why are you yelling at me!". I think it is a normal reaction sometimes.
And if you need an AC fix, Phil and I got power on Friday here in The Woodlands - so if you need another escape - we welcome you with open arms!

The Beasley's said...

I don't know if I thought it would be fun, but I do know I thought it would be interesting. I really wanted to see what it would be like, y'know? We ended up leaving, too. We got power back Wednesday evening, so you are totally welcome here anytime, too. We have a pack 'n' play and an extra bed for you. Let me know. We'd love to have you!

Sarah said...

Hang in there! I know that it must be incredibly awful to be dealing with no power and a baby! On the bright side, my parents weren't predicted to get power back until Monday and they got it back last night!! (Saturday..) So maybe you will get it back sooner too!!