Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birthday weekend

For my birthday surprise this year, John planned a weekend away from the bug. We bought us tickets to the King's Feast at the Renaissance Festival-something I have always wanted to do. It is a 6 course meal complete with entertainment. The weather was perfect for a weekend of outdoor entertainment. I could not have asked for a better birthday treat!
The King's Feast at the Renaissance Fair
We gorged on the food! It was so delicious! We were stuffed! (and the couple sitting next to us were SLOSHED-it was hilarious!)
Some of the entertainment was a troupe of belly dancers. They were fantastic. One of the girls even danced with a snake.
John tried his hand at knife throwing. He wasn't too bad.
After we enjoyed the festival, John whisked me away to the Messina Hof winery in Bryan.
The weather was so beautiful during our tour of the winery.
After sleeping in and a sumptuous breakfast at the winery, we decided to explore the town of College Station.
The George W. Bush Library at A&M-It was actually a really interesting museum. I was a little surprised:)
A tribute to the Berlin wall

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The Wife said...

What a sweet and thoughtful husband you have!