Monday, July 6, 2009

A weekend in smalltown, USA

John and I are total festival goers. We just love walking around small town celebrations enjoying local culture. And there is something so friendly about a small town. When we were trying to figure out a place to take a little weekend trip, the idea of exploring a small town was so appealing. Plus, when you go far away, there is a pressure to be busy the whole time. One of the appeals of staying pretty close to home is knowing that if there is something you miss while relaxing, you really can go back.
We started our trip with a little tour of the Blue Bell factory complete with a little ice cream

The Brazos Bed and Breakfast was so tranquil. One evening we took a walk on the grounds and just enjoyed God's creations...

including each other!

Downtown Brenham was so cute! Even though it was SOOO hot, we enjoyed exploring all the antique shops. John was in photographers heaven.
To my surprise, there are two wineries in Brenham. We toured Windy Hill Winery on the 4th. The owners gave us a tour then fed up wine soaked hot dogs and watermelon. They were so nice! If you need something to do next weekend, the winery is having a grape stomp. It sounds really fun. We were tempted to go back, but we figured it would be a little difficult to stomp grapes with a baby in tow.
We concluded our trip with a tour of the Barrington Living History Farm in Washington. Although it was HOT, it was really cool. We have already planned to take Zoey back when the weather is a little cooler.
I fell in love with Brenham and the surrounding areas while we were there. The people were just so nice, and it seems like they are always celebrating something.We have already pored over all the brochures and decided which festivals to attend. I highly recommend this area for anyone who wants a little weekend getaway.

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Mommy said...

Sounds like y'all had an amazing time! I would love for Zach and me to be able to do that someday. Very fun.