Saturday, August 27, 2011

So bored

I am so bored. We have been watching TV all day long. I cannot stand doing that, especially having Zoey do that. I feel like a bad mom. I really want to make the most of the next couple of days before Charlie is born, but I guess we will just sit here and continue to watch TV...just like we do every day. I did get to go get a pedicure, so at least I will have nice toes for the arrival, should it ever really come. I ama starting to think that Charlie is going to hibernate forever, and that is not okay with me. I have been really blessed and had a pretty easy pregnancy, but now he has made his home in my pelvic bones, and that is pretty uncomfortable. I am sick of being pregnant. End of story. And I want one last adventure before I never have any more adventures, especially because John gets to go to Paris in about a month, actually less than a month. It is for work, but he gets to go two days before he actually has to be there and in the evenings, he will be a free man. And he will take advantage of that. He will come home with lots of pictures of the city and tales of eating wonderful food and roaming the city streets pretending to be a native. And I will be here with only a three year old and a two week old to keep me company. Am I pouting about this? Absolutely. Oh well. There isn't anything I can do about it. I guess my only option is to watch more TV. Yippee.

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