Thursday, January 20, 2011

In desperate need

We just had a very depressing staff meeting about the upcoming budget and plans for next year. Basically, as usual, we don't have enough money. So the plan is to start teaching 6 out of 7 classes. That really got me worried, because I am only part time, and if other teachers pick up an extra class, all my classes will be picked up by someone else. In short, I will have no job. I talked to my assitant principal about it first, and she very kindly said that she did not want to lie to me and I should be worried. She told me that I really needed to start looking at my options. I'm not really sure what that means other than looking at other campuses, which is devastating to think about because I have never worked anywhere but AMS and I love it here. So, I came back to my room and called John and cried. Then my principal came in and pretty much said that he didn't really know what was going to happen, but he would keep me informed. I think that is about all anyone can promise right now. But no one is going to know anything for awhile. So for now I live in limbo. John did say that we would make it work if I wanted to stay home, which doesn't sound too bad, but as hard as my job has been this year, I really like working. I adore my mornings at home with Zoey, but it is a nice break in my day to go to work. I will go where God wants me to go and I will do what he wants me to do, and I just keep having to tell myself that He will guide no matter if I like the outcome or not. But prayer for peace and patience would be nice.


Sarah said...

Oh Ashley! I will pray for you when I pray for my school situation! My district is opening a new middle school, but instead of hiring more teachers, they are decreasing the number of core teachers at each school. Basically that means that one of the 3 of us 6th ELA teachers has to move, and none of us want to! I have been at this school for 4 years, but the other 2 have been here for 5, so I am sooo scared I will have to go! I LOVE my school and the people I work with, and my principal, so I am super bummed and scared. I know it is different from you, because at least I know I have a job, but I definitely relate to your not wanting to have to change campuses feelings! :( I'll be praying for you!

Franca said...

I will pray for you. There is nothing God can't fix.