Friday, December 4, 2009

I just need you to know that...

*I just ate pop-tarts, bacon, and Lay's potato chips for lunch-th elunch of champions. The only reason I ate the bacon was to offset the junkiness of the poptarts. I think that was faulty logic, but I'm not sure. The chips were just a little gift to myself.

*In celebration of "snow day," I decided that Z and I should take a bubble bath, and when I asked her if she wanted to play in the bubbles, she said, "Mhmm, dat djew (thank you) Mommy!"

*I am WAAAAYYYY excited about getting out of school early for this snow day even if it is just an hour early-John's off Fridays are soooo snuggly.

*I am seriously thinking about letting my kids play today. They are so revved up and I feel very sad that they are wasting this precious snow day in school. That should be illegal in Texas...well, south Texas.

*I think it is hilarious that a little bit of snow, and really this is just a little bit-it's not even sticking, throws everyone into a tizzy around here. People up north must think we are crazy.

Lalalalala! Snow day!


Robin said...

Ahhh I remember the goodness of Snow Days. Then I moved to Denver and they laugh in your face when you ask about snow days. Enjoy my friend. Have a cup of cocoa for me!

Misty said...

Reminds me of our freshman year when it sort of sleeted and everyone was running around campus crazy for the "snow". Then the next year they closed the school when it started to freeze and you guys came to my house, probably the coldest house in town at that time.

And bubble bath fun. I love it. I really NEED to see that girl soon.

The Comerfords said...

Of course us Northerners think you guys are crazy! ;) But, we still like to benefit from this craziness with early release from work! -Kelly