Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Dear John Letter

Dear John--

When I was sitting in church today listening to the man talk about being a good father, I felt peaceful. You are a wonderful father. Being a parent is so scary. There are a million things that one can do wrong. I feel like I am constantly making mistakes with Zoey. However, as scared as I am about messing up, I feel better knowing that you are by my side raising our daughter. It gives me peace. Zoey is a blessed girl to have such a great dad. Your love for your daughter is so apparent. You work hard to provide for her; you make church a priority in her young life; you make sure that she hears sweet things come across your lips although she is so young. You love her mother. You love the Lord that created her. I love to watch you love our daughter. It makes me love you all the more. John, I feel peaceful knowing that as the years pass and we add to our family and watch them grow up, you will be leading our family with love and faith. I love you. Zoey loves you. We are two lucky, lucky girls. Happy Father's Day, dear love.

A very blessed wife

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Mommy said...

That is possibly the sweetest thing I've ever read. Nice Ashley. :)